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arts for me

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[G]ood [I]nternet [F]un!

Commissions/Art Trades

More info & user form: xxx

I will be giving those who commissioned me their pictures digitally either by uploading them onto DA or giving you a copy from my photobucket account.If there is any confusion, please contact me and I will answer your questions. :3

All will be digitally drawn and colored with 300 pixels per inch
Please pay the paypal fee or gift the payment so that I can get the full amount. Thank you!

+Couples/Groups (max of 3 people): $5 USD per extra person
+Detailed Backgrounds: $10 USD (can become complicated)

+Full body chibi: $10 USD
Hiira and Luume 2 by yura-tsukiLayla-San by yura-tsukiAliLV by yura-tsukiromapuri by yura-tsuki

+Headshot/Shoulders Up anime normal: $10
Hideki and Asa by yura-tsukiWhy You ... -.- by yura-tsukiOhana by yura-tsuki

+Halfbody/Knee Up anime normal: $15 USD
Claire and Nick by yura-tsukiSpecifics by yura-tsukiVocaloidHaine by yura-tsuki

+Full body anime normal: $25 USD
padfootlet 2 by yura-tsukiMahiwangang Sorbetes by yura-tsukiIabiel 2 by yura-tsuki

OC, fanarts, anime, chibi, animated chibis/anime, groups/couples, ...
Yaoi/Yuri, Very VERY detailed stuff (unless bribed), naked people (!!! need some pants/skirts/shorts/shirts or else wont be accepted), humongous abnormal chests, "sexy" stuff (i like cute better), furry, anthro, realism, monsters, dragons, tattoos, mecha, comics/manga pages, long complicated animations, elderly people ...

To Do List

  1. HMLS
  2. PW: Adventure Game **halfway point**
  3. Momo Mo collab manga with rher002
  4. freebie thread
  5. Divine Reach Chorus Group

Art Trades: [FULL]
  1. Twin OCs & Gift for RainOvBlood
  2. Unknown for LaviRabi
  3. OC Halfbody for Byakurin
  4. OC(s) for croesuskun on PW
  5. DOUBLE TRADE for xkltran

Commission List:
    Give me the full amount plus in USD payment in Paypal FIRST (gift me the payment)!! I'll record it here. There will be NO REFUNDS unless if I don't completely finish or choose not to finish your picture. If I tell you that I am canceling the commission for any reason, I'll be donating your points or money back to you in full. I, as the artist, have the right to do this. Thanks!
      Four steps! [ Paid::Sketch::Show WIP(s)::Finished ]
      Step is finished = :star:
      Step is half done = :star-half:
      Step is not done = :star-empty:






Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yura is Hmong and an elderly 21 year old. :/


:heart: Thank you to all of you who have watched me, faved my work, and/or commented. You guys are my motivation to stay on DA and become a better artist. :hug::heart:
gaia:… RMD:… kupika: mangabullet:…

Wanna READ my NEW COMIC????? Just click here !!!! ♥♥♥


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~ Feature Tag! 10/10 ~

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 3, 2014, 8:17 AM

Star! For each of the first 9 people answering this journal I will put the 5 deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
Star! If you answer, you must do the same meme in your journal, putting me on the first place. The idea of this is not only to get a  free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! <3

1. :iconseiryuo: 
Fake by seiryuoI feel..... by seiryuoHana wa Saku by seiryuofallen angel by seiryuocheeb by seiryuo

2. :iconaquamarine-drop:
Human Adoptable Auction (Closed) by Aquamarine-DropNyan Paigeeworld Character (at the beach) by Aquamarine-DropChibi + Dangos by Aquamarine-DropPaigeeworld Mini Contest ~ Greek Gods by Aquamarine-DropEvening Liz by Aquamarine-Drop

3. :iconhikariamane:
Sora and Kail High School by HirakiAmane Bleach: The Promise Chapter 1Bleach: The Promise
Chapter 1 Memories
A young man sat quietly inside a wet and lonely jail cell; his back was against the cement wall with his legs crossed in front of him; his arms lie beside him, tired and sore, and covered lightly in blood. His dark blue hair covered his dark brown eyes as he was trying to remain open, very tempted to fall asleep from boredom. He had light tan skin and a fairly thin physique; but he was strong despite his slender build. He went and rubbed his eyes tiredly, fighting the urge to go to sleep. “Can you people just let me live in peace…?” He groaned in annoyance; his voice was strong and yet soft. He was lightly thumping his head behind him against the wall. “Just shut up will you…” One of the guards ordered in an annoyed tone, sitting over next to a small desk writing on some documents in ink. “Murder is a serious crime… you should be ashamed of yourself.” The guard almost lost his composure, but
Bleach: The Promise Chapter 2Bleach: The Promise
Chapter 2 – The First Day
    It was much later on in the day by the time Akira had returned home to district 48 of Rukongai; by this time, the sun had already fallen past the trees. Akira walked quietly past the dark homes in the district, looking around nervously to make sure there wasn't any others walking the streets, mainly since most of them hated him; but for the most part there seemed to be little activity outside. Akira continued his silent walk home for a few minutes until he thought he heard something coming up behind him. Akira attempted to turn around, but wasn't quick enough and was struck on the side of the head by a solid wooden broom stick; causing him to be knocked backwards to the ground. He lay there steadily for a moment, rubbing the side of his head, which felt like it might have been bleeding a little from the force of the blow, he looked up to see that it was a woman that did it, “What the hell was that for, you crazy bi
Bleach Origins: Soranosuke NatsumiBleach Origins: Soranosuke Natsumi
Location: District 1 - Rukongai
“How long has it been?” A deep voice spoke softly, with a strong hint of anger in it's voice. A group of elderly men were sitting at the front of a room, peering down at a young man kneeling on the ground several feet before them. The young man had shoulder length dark black hair; his eyes matched his hair. His hair was parted on both sides of his face as he stared down at the ground, motionlessly, ignoring the group before him; which raised the frustration of the elderly men. “Answer the question, Akiyoshi. How long has it been?” His voice grew more stern with each word. The young man, Akiyoshi, finally opened his eyes, raising an eyebrow to the elderly men. “You already know the answer.” He spoke in a low tone. “Answer the question!” One of the other men ordered coldly. Akiyoshi glanced softly at the men, not visibly shaken; he finally sighed in defeat. “
Bleach Origins: Soranosuke Natsumi - Chapter 2Bleach Origins: Soranosuke Natsumi
Location: District 13 - Rukongai
“Wake up, Sorano-neechan!” A young blonde-haired woman called out loudly, walking through the doorway, entering the room she shared with her foster sister, as well as many other kids. Lying on the ground, wrapped up in a mess of blankets was a sleeping brown-haired young woman. “No!” Sorano whined, grabbing a nearby object and throwing it at the source of the voice, “Don't wake me up... sleep good...” She mumbled loudly, rolling over to her other side, curling up in a tighter ball. “Sorano!” Her ever-so loyal friend, Shiraki, called out, walking over to her half-asleep friend, kneeling down beside her and shaking her lightly to wake her up. “You know what today is, right?” She asked the brown-haired girl. “Yes... the day I decide to sleep for a thousand years~!” She spoke loudly in false enthusiasm. Shiraki narrowed her eyebrows at Sora

4. :icontwiichii:
Death Bear Cosplay 2.1 by twiichiiCOLORED: I CHOOSE YOU by twiichiiBatter's Magic Pancakes by twiichiiThe Simple Attendant by twiichiiTwiichii - 2014 Pokemon Charms by twiichii

5. :iconsasarahsept:
Cute Couple by sasarahseptOC: Seira-chan by sasarahseptLayla by sasarahseptAmong Midnight's Stars by sasarahsept<da:thumb id="286194422"/>

6. :iconcherimsy:
Madokami by CherimsyW A T E R H O L E by CherimsyCL: Sparkle Party Mal by CherimsyIb by CherimsyMagi- Aladdin by Cherimsy

7. :iconmo0on3: 
REMOTE CONTROL by mo0on3Fancy Meeting You Here by mo0on3Kano Shuuya by mo0on3jackunzel by mo0on3fionna and marshall lee wallpaper by mo0on3

8. :iconmangaluva446:
Randebu? by MangaLuva446100% Cover by MangaLuva446Steampunk Rin and Len by MangaLuva446I Don't Like Cosplay by MangaLuva446Another failed attempt... by MangaLuva446

9. :iconmadhatterkyoko:
Wonderland by madhatterkyokoQueen of Hearts by madhatterkyokoAlice P.1 by madhatterkyokoAT with myssbluestar by madhatterkyoko Tsubasa no Sei, Ch. 1'I'm so tired, but I have to get up. I have things to do today, remember?' I consider getting up for a minute. 'I'm so tired though.....and this bed is so comfortable....' I open my eyes and look down at the bed. 'It's not my bed?'
"Seiori!! Get up!! We have to get you some clothes today, remember?!" Valyrie.
'That's right, I remember now. Different dimension. Creepy monsters....Demons.'
I get up. "Yeah, I'll be down in a sec!" I get on my clothes....the same ones I'd been wearing for the last two days....'I guess I DO need some new clothes....but their clothes are so uncomfortable....' I look in the mirror, and I shudder to see what a mess my hair is. I'm not goin' out with my hair lookin' like THIS. I love my hair. Did I mention that it's purple? Yeah. I LOVE my hair.
"Lemme brush my hair, and I'll be right down, 'kay?!"
"Whatever." Valyrie's hair is red. Wierd color of hair for a goth, but it's pretty. Val took me in 'cause I saved her from one of the demon-things that I'm supposed

10. :icony-u-m-e-c-h-a-n:
Ready to Suvived by Y-u-m-e-C-h-a-nYume Chan (Dream) by Y-u-m-e-C-h-a-nTC: A Sleep. by Y-u-m-e-C-h-a-nFemale, Adopt (Open) by Y-u-m-e-C-h-a-nO: Yeah, rock on!! by Y-u-m-e-C-h-a-n


Commission Info

Status: CLOSED
Requests: NO
Kiriban: #####


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