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June 30, 2013
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HMLS: Edel De Luca, Duce IV-Italy by yura-tsuki HMLS: Edel De Luca, Duce IV-Italy by yura-tsuki
Name: Edel De Luca
Nickname: Del, Luca
Age: 19
Position: Duce IV (Italy)
Real Life Job:  Waitress at a maid cafe, mafia successor, hobbyist inventor
Gender: Female
Weight: DIE
Height: 5'4 // 162 cm
Weapon: Bazooka

      + Fire ability = can make fire instantly, bend fire to her will. Small fires are easier to control. Big fires takes deep concentration (absolutely no disturbance) and depending on how big it is, is harder to control.
      + Specializes in gun power, creating missiles, explosions, etc.
      + Bazooka can help Edel fly when she uses her fire ability control it a certain way. This can last for up to three hours. If she is completely airborne those three hours, she becomes immobile for five hours and then can't use her fire ability until the next day. If she stops before three hours, she takes four hours to regenerate enough fire ability to do it again for half the original time. The flying time keeps getting halved if she keeps stopping, the regeneration time still being at four hours, until she retires for the day (sleeps for eight hours). Stopping more than three times will damage her fire ability and make it injure her body physically with burn marks.
      + Mimic ability = Edel can mimic three physical attacks from her opponent after fighting for more than an hour with them (like lunge, parry, etc). 
      + Blood is ether to wounds

    Edel was abandoned at an orphanage when she was five. Her memory of before then was hazy, only remembering glimpses of her parents and their assassination. When she became eight, she discovered her fire ability. After accidentally starting a fire in the orphanage, a mafia leader became interested in her and adopted her into his family. At that time, his family was weak and was constantly being accused of heinous crimes made by stronger mafia families. With Edel's help, he managed to bring justice to his family and recreated the mafia influence to a positive one. Eventually, his reign dominated the whole of Italy. After being taken in by the don, Edel learned to control her fire ability and became interested in explosions. Eventually, the mafia don wanted Edel to be his successor but she wanted to use her time to find her parent's murderers or live a normal life (she doesn't know which yet). Also, another reason why she doesn't want to become the next successor is because some members of their family violently oppose. These rebel members and their supporters began branching off of the main family and would orchestrate minor and sometimes large scale terror attacks against the civilians, other family members, former mafia leaders, and Edel herself. In some instances, they even say that the attacks were given under Edel's orders but she would know nothing about it. At first, she tried fixing those situations but then they became more out of hand and frequent as her succession year was getting closer. As of late, they've managed to spread across the whole of Italy that she was a fire wielding duce, trying to gather a greater audience to take her out.

        + Courageous
        + Finds idle talk troublesome
        + Single-minded at times
        + Serious but gets excited when it comes to stuff that interest her like explosions
        + Has a soft spot for small animals, like Filo's pets
          The tatoo was imprinted on her left hip by her parents, her father being the previous duce.  
          She waitresses as an attempt to have a normal life, suggested by her mafia family/close friends, and because of her chance meeting with Pietro.
          She finds it hard to connect to other Duces when it comes to people hating them solely because of their powers. However, she believes her parents faced the same trials and that's why they were assassinated.
          The ones who assassinated her parents could potentially be part of the mafia in Italy.
        Relationship: Dating Fran. <3333
            + Twin brother is Edsel.
            + Works parttime at Pietro's maid cafe.
            + Her immediate mafia family consists of Fran, Filo, Eden, and Ariel
            + Considers Bear as a fellow fire and explosions otaku/nerd/geek
            + Considers Aliciana and Juliet as adoptive daughters
            + Misses Filo and Juliet and 

          1: "Strength comes from conquering your weaknesses, not from avoiding them."
          2: "Protect those closest to you. Enemies lurk everywhere."

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          LaviRabi Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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          cellokun Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
          hot madre

          //pets her much

          damn what a cute
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          nice~! how do you get the skin like highlight on her hair?
          yura-tsuki Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
          airbrush and then i change layer opacities and types. ^ 7 ^ b
          recently, i've tried airbrushing a dark and vibrant orange over the bangs first then airbrush the skin color over that.
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